First Canadian Handmade Bath & Body Company to accept Independent Consultants. Self Made CEO, Family Oriented, Canadian, Cruelty Free, Handmade, and Actively giving a voice to the vulnerable.

Our CEO Amanda Johnson

“Tell me I can't and watch me prove you wrong.”

Diagnosed in her younger years with PTSD, severe anxiety and panic disorders, Amanda started making soap from a motel apartment living paycheck to paycheck. She had saved $2500.00 in total during the last three years of working. Little by Little she added to her savings account.

On a whim she decided that she needed to take a leap of faith. She was able to use her savings to secure a location in Niagara Falls, Ontario. She had just enough to buy a little bit of ingredients and stock her store. Her products were packaged in sandwich bags and she shipped products in used shipping boxes that she could find from grocery stores. Her store was filled with display units that she had found at thrift shops or on the curb.

Her opening day would determine whether or not she would be able to pay rent the next month. She continued to work full time while running Truth Niagara's retail location. The first day Truth Niagara opened, Amanda made enough funds to cover rent for the following three months.  

Over time customers asked if they could sell Amanda's products for her from their home. Amanda introduced Independent Consultants. Within one year, Truth Niagara hit one million dollars in sales. Over the years there has been many growing pains.  "I remember crying every night looking at all the orders coming in and thinking to myself How am I going to fulfill all these orders. We grew quickly and I didn't have a business background. I honestly had no idea what I was doing.  Some people were very mean and at the time I was still working 40-60 hour weeks at my job. It was really hard but I wouldn't change those experiences for anything. I still make a lot of mistakes but I have learned so much during the past five years and I'm really proud of myself" -Amanda Johnson CEO of Truth Niagara 

Amanda has been an advocate for those with addiction and mental health disorders within her community for 15 plus years. She and her employees are actively involved in providing meals for the local homeless in the area. To this day, Amanda is actively in her community helping out when time allows.

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What is Truth Niagara?

Truth Niagara is a cosmetic handmade company based out of Welland, Ontario. We specialize in products such as Soap bars, Face products, Body products, Bath products and much more. We use vegan friendly ingredients, no dyes, no parabens, no fillers, no phthalates or preservatives. Our main goal is to provide products with simple packaging and the finest/ purest ingredients we can find. We use ingredients that you can pronounce and we make sure our products are affordable for everyone. We strive to be equal opportunity employers. We accept all walks of life and do our best to help individuals in life who may not be given a second chance see a bright and sober future. We realize that life knocks us down from time to time but those set backs should not define an individuals future outlook. Some of our employees have anxiety disorders, some of our employees are former drug addicts who are now clean and sober. We strive to help everyone and provide a healthy work space so that everyone we employ can grow. 

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